Top Store | Febbraio 2018

Anna Gratia

Brooklyn, NY

Anna Gratia Studia

Visit us: 294 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Check us: www.annagratia.com
Follow us: www.facebook.com/annagratiainc Call us: 3476330711


How you showroom was born?

There is a saying in Latin, Seneca’s motto: “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, which figuratively means that “nobody can succeed without working hard”.

Being in this industry since 2007, I have earned a lot of experience, knowledge and connections and one day I have realized that I was ready to start my own path.

We opened our company in 2014 and since that time we have been working for prosperous development of our business. You gotta love what you are doing and you will be successful, that’s my motto.

which are services you offer to clients?

Today, we offer numerous services.

First of all high quality european product, like closets, kitchens, doors and furniture.
Along with that we are doing all type of construction work, including but not limited to installations, carpentry, new construction and remodeling.

Of course, design and art work is an inalienable part of our business.

We densely work with leading interior designers and architects to create a complete project for our clients.

How did you get in touch with Fimes?

Fimes is another huge part of our business and life in general. I admire the quality and design of the product as well as the high level of service we always get from the company. On top of that, we are good friends with the owners which makes our cooperation not only profitable, but also pleasant. First we met at Salone and than we did a first project together. It was a success!

That’s how we started our collaboration

Which is your favourite product of Fimes range?

Oh, my favorite is ATMOSPHERE. I think it is a bomba for all the markets! Absolutely in love with this closet.

What is your client’s response to Fimes products?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - what else can I add? :)

Which is the product of finish you sell most?

Mostly we sell closets and walking closets, but now when the company got Home design line, we will present it to our clientele as well.

is your market request more for walk in closet or wardrobes?

American market requests for closets. All type of closets: wardrobes, walk in, built in. This niche is still not fully taken and I think by working hard we will fulfill it.

What do you expect from Fimes?

As I said, the service Fimes provides is on a very high level, so I cannot say that I expect something more from them. Let them keep this level and grow!

But and extra discount is always good :)

3 words to explain your relationship with Fimes

Love, work, Rock-n-roll.